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Aromas, flavours and textures, but also rituals and traditions, the wealth of a territory, the pleasure of hospitality, the work and knowledge of many people, love for ethics and for what is beautiful. This is the world to which illy has been dedicating every effort since 1933 in order to produce the best coffee nature can offer.

The Università del Caffè was first set up in Naples in 1999. In 2002 it was moved to Trieste, to the illycaffè headquarters. It is a center of excellence created to promote, support and communicate the culture of quality coffee worldwide, through training. It is a special meeting place where not only coffee and hospitality professionals, but also enthusiasts, people who are curious about coffee and aspiring coffee connoisseurs can share in the passion for knowledge that distinguishes illycaffè, a leader in Italian espresso for 80 years.

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The Università del Caffè’s training activities have been designed to offer all professionals working on the coffee production supply chain, both illy customers and others, the chance to grow and improve the level of quality at every single stage in their various areas of expertise. It is a virtuous circle of knowledge, a flair for understanding the market, focusing on the creation of value over time, through growth, sustainability and transparency, by broadening the scope of its intervention from its relationship with professionals to direct sharing with the end consumers.


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The Università del Caffè offers the bar, restaurant and hospitality professionals, training and refresher courses on coffee. For coffee aficionados and for anyone who is curious about coffee, it organizes, at its headquarters, at sales points and during cultural events, tasting sessions and discovery courses to teach people to appreciate and recognize the taste and aromas of coffee.


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